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Important Updates From UpVoice

Date: Oct 5th, 2020

Dear UpVoice users,

In the last couple of weeks, some of you might have experienced technical issues with using our Chrome extension. Facebook caused our extension to be deactivated, and this matter will be resolved in court, and we hope very quickly.

UpVoice has always maintained the highest ethical standards and complied with all relevant agreements, laws, and regulations. As a market research firm, our focus is on tracking and monitoring ads and not users. The personal data that we collect is only used to verify eligibility to participate in our app, to send rewards, and to communicate with you.

Also, we want you to know that all the points you've earned so far are being kept in our system and hopefully you'll be able to redeem them soon. For those of you who have sent and will send us redemption requests - we are going to provide you with the gift cards you deserve!

We are working to resolve this matter and we will keep you informed as the situation unfolds.

Thanks for being a part of our community!
The UpVoice Team

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User Testimonials

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Billie Lucas profile image

Billie Lucas

Aug 30, 2019


"Earning money for nothing, literally! Who wouldn't add this extension?! Seriously, get paid to visit sites you already do daily anyhow. Honestly, you would be crazy not to add this extension"

Shelle Perry

Aug 23, 2019


"You get paid just for having the extension and visiting websites you go to every day anyway. With so many scams out there it is awesome to find something that does what it says"

Karen Smith

Sep 12, 2019


"This is an awesome extension! Getting the ability to cash out by doing what I normally do is very easy!"

Sandra Amory

Jul 9, 2019


"I just received my first $10 from UpVoice. I am amazed how easy it is to accumulate points with this extension. I like it a lot"

Debra Ann Elliott

Sep 26, 2019


"To be honest, I forgot I installed this, but was surprised to get my first $10 gift card for doing nothing but surfing the Internet. Great!"

Madhukar Bonkuri

Oct 14, 2019


"I love this extension and it is real.. you can get the cash out easily!"

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We respect your privacy and protect your data using the highest security standards. We comply with all privacy regulations and we never share your personal information with anyone, except when we need to send you your rewards.

We anonymise and aggregate all the data we collect from you along with other panel members. 

Please read our Privacy Policy and Data & Privacy FAQ for more details.

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