Install one of the available UpVoice versions

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On your desktop computer, open the email we've just sent you and get the app to start EARNING!

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UpVoice is currently available for desktop only

Chrome Extension

Add the UpVoice Chrome extension to your desktop Chrome browser and make sure to visit your social feeds on Chrome.

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Microsoft Edge

Add the UpVoice Edge extension to your desktop Edge browser and make sure to visit your social feeds on Edge.

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Windows 10 PC

Download and install UpVoice for Windows and visit your social feeds on any browser except Firefox while you're signed in to the Windows app.

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Install one of the above UpVoice versions.

Go to your desktop computer and install the app. It's currently available for Windows or Edge or Chrome.

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Continue to visit your social feeds regularly on your desktop computer.

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UpVoice anonymously captures your ads and gives you daily points that can later be redeemed for a variety of gift cards.

Gift Cards

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UpVoice social feeds currently include:

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